How Do I Get the Most Affordable Car Loan?

This question comes to the mind of many of our customers, but once they visit our finance experts at Pellegrino Auto Sales, all of their questions get answered. We take all of the time necessary to make sure you aren't left with any doubts. When you are looking to buy a used vehicle in upstate New York, our dealership is here to help.

Understand the Value of Your Vehicle

If you are going to trade-in your current vehicle, you will need to see what you'll be offered for it. Our appraisal tool can help you see what you will get for your model, putting more in your pocket to go towards a down payment on one that will be a better fit for your lifestyle.

Know Your Credit Score

This is one of the most underrated tips that you will see. When you are being provided a loan, you will be offered better rates if you have a better credit score. Your credit score is a number signifying your ability to repay loans on time, and lenders will have more confidence loaning to you when that number is high.

Take Advantage of the Down Payment

The more you put into a down payment, the less you have to pay overall. Being able to cut back how much you'll need to take a loan out for will significantly reduce how much interest there will be.

Make the Process Fast and Simple With Online Tools

We want you to have the best experience when looking for a loan, which is why we include many tools to simplify the process. The online credit application gives us almost all of the information that we could need, and the pre-approval process lets you see what your payments could look like. We encourage you to visit our Batavia used car dealership serving Rochester, NY so that we can help answer all of your questions to find you the loan that is perfect for your needs.