Make the Most Out of Tax Season This Year; Use Your Refund to Buy a Car at Pellegrino Auto Sales in Batavia, New York

Regardless of whether you can believe it or not, it is already that time of year again when it is time to talk about taxes. Chances are very good that you have already started to receive information and important documents in the mail regarding filing your taxes in the next couple of months! Of course, you must be looking forward to your tax refund, and what better way is there to spend your hard-earned money than by treating yourself to your next ride?



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The average American will receive around $3,000 for their tax refund, which certainly will go a very long way if you are in the market for a car, SUV or pickup truck. You've been working hard all year long, and now finally you will receive a sizeable paycheck from Uncle Sam returning a nice chunk of change to you.

Before you spend your tax refund without thinking carefully, we strongly encourage you to consider using it to purchase a high-quality and low-priced used car here in Batavia! There are plenty of ways to put your tax refund to very good use right here at Pellegrino Auto Sales when you wisely stop by our used car dealership this tax season...


Explore These Tips for Using a Tax Refund Towards a Car!

  • Using your tax refund as a substantial down payment towards your favorite pre-owned vehicle here on our lot in Batavia will make things very inexpensive. With this large of a down payment made for a used car, you will be able to enjoy dramatically lower and more affordable monthly payments for a loan.  
  • Also, you can pay off the balance of your current car-loan to immediately reduce the amount of debt you carry by a huge margin. This also means that you will finish paying off your loan much faster too, resulting in a far lower total sum of interest paid over time as well.
  • If you worked with another dealership and unfortunately have a current loan with huge interests, then refinancing and restructuring this loan may be the ideal course of action for you. With your tax refund, you can potentially cut your payments in half!
  • Lastly, consider consulting with our qualified team of specialists working in our finance department, as they are ready and waiting to find a phenomenal payment plan for your unique budget. It may very well make the most sense to simply trade-in your car and purchase a pre-owned model from us!

Can I Get a Car Loan if I Have Bad Credit?

Yes! Even if your credit score isn't the best we can help most drivers in upstate New York get a car loan. Having the extra funds from your tax return definitely helps becuase it significantly lowers the amount you need to borrow. So rather than looking for a buy here pay here dealership, come and talk to us. We can explain how guaranteed credit approval and how bad credit auto loans work. Then we will help you find a monthly payment that works in your budget. Call owner Guy Pellegring and our dedicated team at 888-598-1874 with any questions today.