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As the winter months steadily approach the Batavia, NY area, you might be wondering what it will take to get your vehicle ready for snow, sleet, ice, and cold temperatures. You might also know what it takes to be prepared, but you aren't sure which service center is right for you. Here at Pellegrino Auto Sales, our goal is to help you with the winterization of your vehicle and get you ready to deal with anything the cold weather has to throw at you. Take a look at some helpful hints down below and see how we can get you prepared!

Why is It Important to Winterize Your Vehicle?

Most vehicles that are sold around Batavia will provide some normal ways of beating back the cold, like automatic climate control systems. However, these systems aren't always the best way of preparing your vehicle for what happens when the weather turns cold. There is no such thing as an external heater that can keep your tires from slipping, your vehicle's engine fluid from becoming cold, or a variety of other reasons where winter might hurt how your car performs. This can leave you in several compromised positions, whether you are stuck in a snowbank waiting for a tow or stuck at home with a dead battery. Here at Pellegrino Auto Sales, we're happy to show you how you can winterize your car and prepare for the worst!

How Do You Winterize Your Vehicle?

There are a few ways you can prepare your vehicle for the winter months. Down below, you will find a breakdown of some of the most important services that we can provide here at our Batavia service center that will get your vehicle up to speed and ready to brave snowy weather.

  • Switch to Winter Tires: While all-season tires can manage winter roads, they won't provide the same level of traction and handling you need to safely navigate snow and sleet-covered roads that winter tires offer. Winter tires use special compounds engineered to resist hardening in cold temperatures, providing better traction in less than ideal conditions.
  • Maintain Tire Pressure: Drops in temperature can mean the gain or loss of tire pressure, which can affect your ability to drive safely in inclement conditions. You can check the pressure and get it filled at many gas stations, as compressed air is available for your use. Appropriate psi can be found in your owner's manual or the driver's side door jamb.
  • Install Winter Wipers: Most wiper blades aren't mean to keep ice from collecting on them, but those designed as winter wipers have rubber that keeps ice from collecting. They also help keep your windshield clean and clear from snow, salt, and grime.
  • Keep Windshield Washer Fluid Full: Partnered with the right kind of windshield wipers, your wiper fluid helps to keep the windshield clear of grime and snow. You often use more during winter months, so make sure you check it routinely and ensure that you are using the right kind of fluid.
  • Make Sure Your Window Defroster System is In Working Order: During winter months, your windshield and rear window can get clogged up with ice, making it hard to see and drive safely. You can prevent this by making sure that your defrosters are working properly and producing heat.
  • Have Your Vehicle Serviced for Winter Conditions: Before the rough winter weather starts to blow, you can bring your car, truck, or SUV to the expert technicians here at Pellegrino Auto Sales. We will inspect all of the major systems, like your battery, cooling system, brakes, and belts/hoses/spark plugs to get your vehicle ready for the worst the weather can throw at it.

Ready to keep the winter months at bay?

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