Spring Service

Spring Service

Ready for Spring with Expert Service at our Batavia Dealership

While it may not feel like it just yet, spring is just around the corner. You've already done a great job of winterizing your vehicle and getting it through the harshest time of year, but now it's time to have everything checked out and make a few changes in advance of the warmer, less snowy weather that is approaching. At Pellegrino Auto Sales, we're here to make sure your vehicle is ready for the months ahead, and all you have to do is contact us and set up your spring vehicle service today!

Why is Spring Service Important for My Vehicle?

Let's face it. Winter is hard on your vehicle even if you take all of the proper steps to be prepared. With snow plows churning up new potholes every day, especially as we transition seasons and snow turns to water and then ice again, there is no shortage of road hazards that can affect your suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires. Plus, months of driving on wet, salted roads can accelerate rust and cause issues you may not even see until it's already too late. However, having your vehicle checked out and having a few simple services performed as the weather begins to become more favorable can help you stay ahead of any big trouble, and it will make your vehicle more enjoyable to drive once the weather warms up for good.

The underside of your vehicle takes a beating all winter long, being coated in salt, snow, and ice for weeks at a time. This can cause rust in the exhaust system, brake lines, and suspension components that can lead to major trouble if left unchecked. Let our team of service experts check out your vehicle to find any trouble spots and repair them before you run into a major issue.

Switching Tires

One of the first things you'll want to do as spring approaches is change out those snow tires for a set of summer or all-season tires. This is because the rubber compound and tread pattern used for snow tires are each specifically formulated for dealing with colder temperatures, and when things warm up your driving experience will change drastically. With so much extra rubber between you and the road, your handling will feel spongy driving on snow tires in warmer weather, and you'll wear out those tires more quickly since they aren't made for handling hot asphalt. Plus, all-season and summer tires are equipped to handle wet roads with special treads that disperse water for improved grip, and the treads on winter tires are made for gripping snow and ice, but don't necessarily have the ability to vacate water which can lead to dangerous hydroplaning.

Chances are, you can save your current set of winter tires for another year of use by swapping them out in the spring, helping save you money in the long run as well.

Alignment Service

Between potholes, having your tires changed, and the slipping and sliding associated with winter driving, your suspension goes through a lot when the temperature drops and the snow starts to fly. Once that winter weather lifts, having an alignment performed is the best way to correct any issues caused harsh winter roads. Whether a pothole has knocked your steering out of line or you've bent a component out of alignment, our team of technicians can help realign your suspension to give you the handling and ride quality you need to drive with confidence. Having your suspension aligned can help reduce and even out tire wear, it helps reduce vibrations while driving, and it can even improve handling and shorten stopping distances if your suspension was in serious need of attention.

Visit our Service Center Today!

At Pellegrino Auto Sales, we service all makes and models of vehicle so you can bring anything to us and we'll make sure it leaves in better shape than when it arrived. Whether it's routine spring maintenance or you need a full-on repair done, we're always here to help!