Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

Get Your Dashboard Lights Checked at Pellegrino Auto Sales

There are a lot of things that can pop up on your dashboard, but understanding what they mean can help you when you want to schedule service. The service team here at Pellegrino Auto Sales is happy to assist with state-of-the-art equipment and tools designed to understand what your vehicle needs and how best to fix it. We specialize in all service needs for a variety of makes and models, and we are more than happy to explain to you the lights that might pop up on your dashboard and what you should do if one occurs.

Why Choose Pellegrino Auto Sales for Your Service and Maintenance Needs?

When you need an expert team that you can trust, the service technicians here at Pellegrino Auto Sales has you covered. Most local mechanics can understand what dashboard lights mean and help you fix the issue, but they won't offer the level of service that our factory-trained technicians can offer. We ensure you enjoy top-notch service care, where we use world-class customer service to determine what the issue is and how we can help you fix it. And when it comes to ensuring you get the best care possible, our service team will use genuine OEM parts to repair or replace the ones in your vehicle. Doing so will provide you with vehicle longevity, allowing you to enjoy the same vehicle for many years.

What Do Common Dashboard Lights Mean?

While your vehicle might have different dashboard lights that can pop up, most vehicles share common icons that indicate similar problems. You can always refer to your owner's manual for a specific breakdown as to what each symbol means. Down below, you will find common signs and what they can mean.

  • Oil Pressure Light: Looking like an old-fashioned oil can, this image can indicate there is an issue with your car's oil pressure. Either you are running low on oil, or your oil pump isn't circulating fluid to properly lubricate the surfaces in your vehicle.
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light: This symbol looks like two parentheses wrapped around an exclamation point and indicates that the pressure in one or more tires is too low or too high. Most tire pressure should be between 30 and 35 psi.
  • Engine Temperature Warning: Displayed as a thermometer gauge over two wavy lines, this symbol indicates an issue with engine overheating. It most likely is a sign that your coolant needs to be topped off, but it can also pop up for a variety of reasons that we can help determine.
  • Traction Control Light: This symbol, like a car leaving behind two wavy lines, indicates that your traction control system is engaged. When it detects that a wheel is slipping, it applies the brakes until it regains traction. This light occurs more commonly when you are driving in rain or snow.
  • Anti-Lock Brake Warning Light: Appearing as the letters ABS inside a circle, this will signify that there is something wrong with your anti-lock brakes. Should it appear, you might want to schedule service sooner rather than later.
  • Check Engine Light: This light, which looks similar to an engine, can appear for a variety of reasons. It might indicate a serious issue, like low oil pressure or engine overheating, or it can mean that the gas cap is open. Either way, you should pull over and take a look to see if you can discover the issue and what it might need.
  • Battery Alert: Designed to look like a battery with a plus and minus symbol on it, this will showcase that there is an issue with your vehicle's charging system. It can mean there is an issue with the battery, or it might mean you have a loose or damaged battery cable. You might also notice that the lights in your vehicle flicker, or you have issues starting your car.
  • Low Fuel Indicator: A fairly common symbol, this looks like a gas pump and means that you are running low on gas. In cold weather, you might want to keep the tank topped off more than normal.

While not an extensive list, you should pay attention to the symbols on your dashboard and what they can mean for your vehicle. Reach out to us today to learn more about your dashboard symbols and how we can help take care of them! The service team at Pellegrino Auto Sales is ready to assist you!



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