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Why OEM Parts Are Better For Your Vehicle

Been looking for the right parts for your car? Here at Pellegrino Auto Sales Llc, you can find Original Equipment Manufacturer parts that will last for a very long time. With our expert technicians, we offer top-notch services that will keep you coming back. They will guide you on the best parts that we have suiting your vehicle.

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When the rubber hits the road this winter, will you be ready?

New York is not kind to those in the winter months--that's just a fact.

But if you've got the right snow boots--and the right tires--you can make it through a Batavia winter with flying colors. And without expensive front-end repair.

Fortunately, the team at Pellegrino Auto has been planning ahead for months, and our Batavia tire center is well-stocked with top brands and styles to fit all makes, models, and driving needs.

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Test your oil-change know-how with Pellegrino Auto

Did you know that older model-year cars don't necessarily follow the same oil-change schedule as newer cars?

Did you know that the way you drive--even just the way you pull off the line when the light turns green--can all affect the interval in-between your oil changes?

Did you know that scheduling oil change service at Pellegrino Auto Sales in Bavaria is fast and easy?

If you didn't, it's time to brush up…

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