Follow These Used Car Buying Guidelines with Help from Pellegrino Auto Sales


If you're seeking out a used car, there's plenty of options right here in our showroom serving those in Batavia along with Oakfield and Elba, NY. At Pellegrino Auto Sales, our wide selection means you're going to find the ideal fit and savings on the cost of your ride. While we're happy to help throughout the process, we also believe you should know what to be prepared for as you begin your search for a quality vehicle, with some used car guidelines.

We encourage everyone to take a look at our used car checklist, which covers all the basics about research, comparing vehicles, and how to go from test drive to finalizing your purchase. Just a few examples of the things we can do to help facilitate it here include:

  • Research and know what kind of used car, truck or SUV you're looking for. We have plenty here but you'll want to narrow it down to model year, type, price, and many other factors. Once you have a clear idea of all of it, you'll be able to zero in on the ideal vehicle for you
  • Ask questions and take a test drive because we're here to answer them, and we want you to know that we're honest and transparent throughout the entire process as we'll allow you to test drive the vehicle, get a vehicle history report and have as much information at your disposal as possible
  • Think about financing and what's in your budget, because we'll help everyone with finding the right used car loan. That includes people with bad credit or those who need to restore their credit because we believe that shouldn't be a deterrent to you getting the used car you need

When you follow guidelines like this and come prepared, you're going to find the whole car buying process is easier. Of course we make it possible as well with a friendly and accommodating team here at Pellegrino Auto Sales, helping those in places like Buffalo and Rochester find their ideal used car solution along with auto service today!

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