Getting Your Food Home for the Holidays

There's nothing like cooking up your famous mashed potatoes or your legendary pumpkin pie and packing it up to share with relatives during the holidays. Getting the food there safely is easy with a few simple steps.

  1. Make sure hot food stays hot, and cold food stays cold. Utilize coolers or thermal bags to ensure food stays at the proper temperature to avoid contamination. The last thing you want is for everyone in your family to get food poisoning, so transport it carefully to keep them safe. If your trip is too long, just wait until you arrive at your destination to start cooking.
  2. Secure all lids. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and finding green bean juice all over your vehicle's carpeting. Use containers with snap-on lids, or secure regular lids with rubber bands to ensure the lid and the dish stay together, and everything arrives in one piece.

We at Pellegrino Auto Sales Llc wish you a delightful (and delicious) holiday season.

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