Why Oil Changes Matter

There are many reasons why getting routine oil changes is imperative to the longevity of your vehicle. As one of the most important fluids you put in your vehicle, it has many jobs that many of us don't realize. Let's take a look at why oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle:

  • Oil provides much needed lubrication to the moving parts of the engine. Without oil these parts would cause too much friction. This creates heat and causes the engine to wear down faster.
  • Removing dirt and sludge from your engine is crucial to your engines performance. When your engine is filled with old, dirty oil, the ability to properly lubricate decreases which can cause overheating.
  • Dirt and sludge will also corrosion if not removed in a timely manner. The engine traps the dirt and the buildup can cause a costly problem if left unattended. Adding clean oil rids the engine of the black, gritty oil.
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