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Why buy a used Toyota Camry? It's a car you can feel good about


Of all the used cars in Batavia, the Toyota Camry stands out as a prime candidate for the best value.

With stellar Toyota reliability, a long-standing title of "America's Best-Selling Car" (for the last 14 years!) and, most recently, the ""Most-American Vehicle" as ranked by Cars.com's American-Made Index. To be eligible, vehicles had to offer 75% or greater products sourced within the country.

And, like many things, Camry did it best.

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The Beatles Show Off How to Cross the Road Safely

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities on the road are going down for most groups... except pedestrians. Rather than getting safer, like the occupants of cars, pickups, and SUVs, the danger to foot-traffic is increasing.

That's why the NHTSA launched the #EveryoneIsAPedestrian campaign on Twitter, to remind drivers to:

  • Always look for pedestrians
  • Always stop for
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What Do Low Gas Prices Mean for Used Car Sales?

The national average for gas prices has been on the rise since February this year. Remember good old February, when gas was under $2 per gallon?

Though as of April 25th the national average is up to $2.14, we are still looking at a considerable downward trend since 2013, when costs per gallon peaked at just under $4. Prices seem to rise in spring and summer, and fall again in…

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Autonomous Car?

Remember back in the day when the scariest thing humans could imagine was being eaten by a wolf impersonating someone's grandma? Our modern fears have a strikingly technological twist, but fundamentally it all goes back to the same thing: we don't want to die.

Avoiding danger means carefully vetting any new concept we're introduced to. Should grandma really have such large, sharp rows of teeth? Will…

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