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The Pneumatic Tire is Harder to Fix, but You'll be Glad You Have It!

Sometimes it feels like your tires are never inflated properly! You check the pressure once a month, as is recommended, and one of them is always just slightly under... and it's a different one every time!

From punctures, to blow-outs, to slow leaks, the headache of keeping a pneumatic tire properly maintained makes you wonder why you can't just use solid rubber tires that would never have these problems!

In 1888, all tires were made of solid rubber, unless they were made of metal. Though it was softer than plain metal bands, solid rubber still didn't have…

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Autonomous Car?

Remember back in the day when the scariest thing humans could imagine was being eaten by a wolf impersonating someone's grandma? Our modern fears have a strikingly technological twist, but fundamentally it all goes back to the same thing: we don't want to die.

Avoiding danger means carefully vetting any new concept we're introduced to. Should grandma really have such large, sharp rows of teeth? Will…

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