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What Do Low Gas Prices Mean for Used Car Sales?

The national average for gas prices has been on the rise since February this year. Remember good old February, when gas was under $2 per gallon?

Though as of April 25th the national average is up to $2.14, we are still looking at a considerable downward trend since 2013, when costs per gallon peaked at just under $4. Prices seem to rise in spring and summer, and fall again in…

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How Do Anti Fog Treatments Work?

Perhaps you've seen the above video, or similar, going around. It's one of the hottest car-care tips on the internet right now: use shaving cream to fog-proof your windshield.

It's a great tip because it really works. Who knew all that shaving cream you've been wasting on your hair could have been spent keeping your visibility clear on a rainy day.

How does it work though?

If you've ever been snorkeling, you've probably spritzed a solution of baby shampoo in your diving mask to keep it from fogging up underwater. The shaving cream works…

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